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Johnny Came Come cover art
One of the Christian scifi novels
currently free on Amazon
In my quest to seek out and sample Christian science fiction currently available, I found all these Kindle freebies on Amazon. One of them I had already read (not realizing it had Christian themes until late in the novel, by which time I had already quit reading). If you're interested in these free books, but don't have a Kindle reader, be advised that you can also read them in Amazon's Kindle Cloud Reader (via your web browser) or in one of the free Kindle apps for computers, smart phones, tablets, etc.

I've "purchased" a number of these freebies, and will review them here if and when I get around to reading them. (Right now, I'm reading Dean Koontz's Brother Odd, in those few spare minutes when I'm not writing, planning to write, or learning how to market what I write.) My informal research so far on Christian science fiction suggests that Protestant (particularly Evangelical) Christian writers are more likely to write fantasy "scifi" or earthbound tales about angels and aliens, while Catholic writers are more likely to create science fiction in the stricter sense of having science or technology prominent in the story (time travel, space travel, etc.). At any rate, I look forward to sampling these free Christian science fiction novels.

Naturally Healthy Living with Diatomaceous Earth, L. A. Nicholas
New cover, print edition coming!
Someday my own scifi novel will be there among them (not necessarily free), but I've got some work to do first. I will not be making the mistake some enthusiastic writers make, of publishing before the work has been properly edited. (Word of advice: when purchasing online, always read the free sample first! Many ebooks are self-published, often by not-yet-ready-for-prime-time writers. Even a free book should be well-written.)

I do have a few things already published on Kindle, however: my other two blogs and an ebooklet on the uses and benefits of diatomaceous earth. You can find out more of that here on my Catholic Reader blog.

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