Off to Camp Nanowrimo

Camp NaNoWriMo 2013
I haven't posted here lately because I've been hard at work on the novel -- I'm over half way on the first draft (about 69K words), and I'm off to Camp NaNoWriMo this month, so I'm hoping that will help me near the finish line. The camp website is acting up at the moment, so I'm having trouble listing my novel there. But the camp has already helped me come up with a new blurb:
Kate Malone had joined the planetary survey ship, R J Boscovich, hoping to gain some life experience far from her home on Old Earth, but she got more than she bargained for. Love, loss, and death threats cast her into the deep sea of stars and propel her into a quest for a new life on a new world.
Fortunately, April in my part of North Texas is beautiful -- grass is growing, trees are leafing out, birds are singing, the sky and the lake are both a beautiful clear blue. It's a great time to be camping! I "camp" on my patio all day, with my laptop and a cool drink. It's not a bad, gig, folks, and I get a lot of writing done.

Today, I've got to get my protagonist out of danger and into the loving arms of her companion-in-peril, who is about to discover he is not who he thought he was. Lots of complications in store ...

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